Friday, 29 April 2011

Festival outfit inspiration of the day # 3 - Coachella Music Festival

Yet again I've chosen a look from Jamie Chung at the Coachella Festival as I love the simple, preppiness of the black bandeau bikini with the long maxi stripe skirt. Its becoming obvious that a straw hat is a must have purchase too! You can get the skirt from an American site plastic Island for $80. 

But for a similar look on a budget, I managed to find a maxi stripe skirt for an incredible £3 from M&Co! A black Metal U bandeau bikini top from Topshop for £12 and some John Lewis Women Jasmin Athena Gladiator Sandals in gold for £30.

M&Co -£3.00

Topshop - £12.00

John Lewis - £30.00

Rechargable Straighteners - Benicassim Camping buy # 1

I don't know about you, but if my hair is looking wild, frizzy, tangled and generally a mess, it can instantly put me in a bad mood which can be unpleasant for all around!  I have quite naturally curly hair, well I say curly, its more like a frizzy birds nest. It's brown, about shoulder length with a side fringe. If not smoothed down it has a tendency to bug me all day, whether the frizziness is caused by rain, heat, humidity or simply a bad hair day!  So the thought of going 8 days without the access to a proper shower, hair dryer or hair straighteners...Im not ashamed to say that it worries me! The one and only condition (made by my friends) that I had to agree to when booking the trip to Benicassim was that under no circumstance am I to get in a mood because of the way I look, no matter how rough or bedraggled I may be.  So call me vain but I've been desperately trolling the Internet for some 'secret weapons' to help me along and keep the bad hair blues at bay!

I recently read an article by a girl who'd been to the festival in 2010 and had taken some rechargeable straighteners with her.  Until I read this I didn't actually know that they existed, I think this is because they haven't really taken off. After researching I found only a few available on the market. While there was still the classic gas powered ones (which I've tried before and quite frankly found them to be quite rubbish) you can also get the battery powered variety. There were three in particular that stood out, Ez Curl - £48.95, Kodo Cordless Mikado Hair Straighteners - £49.95 and Freedom 24:7 Straighteners - £71.48. I was quite surprised at how pricey they were (possibly a reason they are yet to take off), but after reading some  good reviews I decided that the 24:7 straighteners were the way to go! Luckily I managed to purchase a pair on Ebay (brand new) for a bargain price of £25 and they arrived yesterday!

"This revolutionary, top quality ceramic styler gives you flexibility to style on the go and can be used off the cord for up to an hour! It is perfect for top ups whilst travelling, and comes with a selection of adaptors so you can even recharge them in your car. The top quality, salon standard ceramic and tourmaline plates heat up to 200ÂșC in 60 seconds and easily and quickly straighten and create curls, flicks, bends and waves."

The straighteners are just a bit smaller than the classic GHD straighteners and are very light weight which is perfect if carrying in your handbag or hand luggage. In the box it also came with two batteries (one is a backup), charging stand, international plugs and an adapter to charge in the car. I was extremely impressed that you are provided with a back up battery, and with 1 hour battery life in each, this should be plenty of charge life for the trip....I hope! The straightener comes with 3 different heat setting's 150, 180 and 200.  As I use GHD's everyday I will probably be OK just using the hottest heat setting. Charging is also very simple as all you do is stand it in the charging unit, the straightener flashes when it is fully charged (and it even comes with a small compartment for the extra battery to charge at the same time).


They take only 60 seconds or so to heat up and they are very hot to the touch. Although I have tried them out today, I had already straightened my hair earlier this morning so it was only a bit wavy.  However they appeared to do the trick in smoothly straightening my hair, in particular my fringe (which can be the main cause of my annoyance).  I'm not sure I can give a proper review until I next have a bad hair day (caused by rain or on a particularly hot day) so I'll do an update soon when this occurs, which will no doubt be soon, hopefully because of the weathers very very hot!!! I am however feeling quite optimistic about these though :).

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Festival outfit inspiration of the day #2 - Coachella Music Festival

Another highly desirable look I noticed from the Coachella Music Festival recently was this one sported by Jamie Chung.  I've never really come across Jamie Chung before but I'm loving her style here, inparticular the flattering floral patterned shorts (which make a change for the usual denim) that intially give a soft, summery look.  However shes added an unusual, rock chic twist by teaming them with some black lace up boots and socks.  A look I imagine will be very hard to pull off for most however!  I also love this very chic cap sleeve crop and with the token sunglasses and straw hat to complete the 'festival vibe' of this outfit.


I recently purchased a similar pair of floral shorts from Primark (my first addition to my Benicassim collection), complete with a red, blue and green ditsy print and an adorable bow on the waist.  Below I've selected a few floral short/crop combinations that I like.

Miss selfridge - £18.00
Bank £34.99

Miss Selfridge - £28.00

Brownsfashion.con - £310.00


Miss Selfridge - £28.00 (Love this!)

                                                                                + - £34.50


Complete the look....

Miss Selfrige white duffle - £30.00

Bank - £14.99

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sunny Easter Sunday - Cakes, more cakes and a lot of chocolate....

Although I'm a bit late in doing so, I wanted  to post some photos from my sunny easter weekend. It consisted  of a family barbeque and lots of cakes.  I made the white iceing ones (and stole the balls on top from a Muller Corner.)  I also went on the park for a picnic with a friend (complete with wine) and was given a large chocolate cupcake by my boyfriend to take with us....luckily it didn't melt in the heat because I thought it was amazing...and was bloomin hard to crack!

Muller Corner ball decorations and my first attempt using a piping bag.

Made by me and my sister

It weighed a ton with all the chocolate used!


Sunglasses Woes

I was just reading through the new ASOS magazine I received through the post today and apparently round sunglasses are all the rage this year, popular with Mary-Kate Olsen and of course Lady Ga Ga!

Finding the right sunglasses has personally always been a major chore for me.  As I have quite a small round face they always seem to look huge on me, like a little girl trying on mummy's clothing.  However, I am thinking that I will definitely be needing some in the upcoming months,  possibly just get to try and get away with not wearing makeup for a day!  While I prefer these smaller, rounder glasses to the HUGE sunglasses (or bug eye glasses as I like to call them) of past years, they are also reminiscent of the specs John Lennon wore ... which I'm not sure is flattering!  I'll not know until I try, although I always feel quite embarrassed going into shops to try on glasses from those stands, mainly because most look ridiculous on me and if someone looks my way I always pretend I'm trying them on for a laugh and not because I'm genuinely trying to buy some! I picked some that I particularly like the look of  (or just because they are unusual).

Asos - £18
Asos - £265 (wow)

Topshop -  £16  (large)

Topshop - £22 (Cute) (Semi-rounded) - $160.00

However, were as the huge sunglasses gave you the bug eyes looked, it has been commented that these can also make you look a bit like a bee! 

One Sad Iphone morning!

One of my reasons for creating a blog was because I was forever taking photos of things I liked (most of them a bit silly) mainly just little things I'd like to remember.  I wanted a place to display and talk about them as they were pointlessly stored in my phone never to be looked at again.  I was hoping to upload them onto here so I could look back and smile (one photo inparticular was a photo of a HUGE hollow cupcake I took on the park as part of a picnic, a gift from my boyfriend.)  However the very day I decide to do this is the same day my previously trusted and reliable Iphone decides to pack up and die!   Its an Iphone 3 so I was due an upgrade anyway, but still.  I am going to miss it,  I'm just gutted I didn't make a backup of my photos when I had the chance.  Oh well, I'll learn from now on. 

I'm thinking that an IPhone 4 is the way to go for my next one, as I really don't think much of the BlackBerry. I have to admit that I do prefer the design of the IPhone 3 as I think its sleeker and friendlier looking...which sounds silly, hehe.  However I've already started looking at Iphone4 covers as this was one of the things I obsessed about with my old phone (sob), even if they where frequently called tacky when adorned with plastic jewels and pearls! I had this pink, bling one for the IPhone 3 (which I have also discovered for the IPhone4) however after many rude comments made by my mum and boyfriend it mysteriously disappeared...never to be seen again!  I personally couldn't see a problem with it, especially since this one on the left could be next!

Festival outfit inspiration of the day #1 - Coachella Music Festival

Whilst looking through photos from the Coachella Music Festival yesterday, one look in particular caught my eye. Camilla Belle looks so fresh, summery and relaxed here in a bright white Mulberry blouse teamed with light denim shorts, over sized (bug eye) sunglasses, long chain pendant and small black cross over handbag.  I particularly love the punch out detailing on the blouse and its lightweight appearance.  Obviously (being Mulberry) this look comes with a hefty price tag and I like to do things on a budget.  I'm not ashamed to say that I find some great buys on Ebay, but sometimes I do stretch to the high street.  H&M, Topshop and Miss Selfridge my personal favourites (not forgetting Primark).

Using shops from the high street I have selected a similar outfit for consideration.  The white cutout bandeau top is Miss Selfridge - £28.00 (new to their collection), Denim Shorts Newlook - £19.
Orange Suede T-bar Sandals are Topshop - £40.00.  I like the orange teamed with the bright white bandeau to add a splash of colour.  Semi Precious And Flower Multirow necklace, Topshop - £10.00. Over sized brown print sunglasses are River Island - £12.00.  Black Studded cross body bag - £29.99, also River Island.
I like the use of the black chain bag teamed with brown accessories. I was always told to never mix brown and black...sometimes, however, it works for a modern twist.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Benicassim! (First Post)

Although its a few months until I go to the Benicassim Festival (the 14th of July) I'm already considering what I'll need to buy for my trip. For those of you who don't know, the Benicassim Festival or Festival Internacional de BenicĂ ssim (as it is known in Spain) is a 4 day music festival taking place in Benicassim on the east coast of Spain between Valencia and Barcelona.

Personally I'm not really all that bothered about the music and the bands (The Strokes, Brandon Flowers, Elbow etc) but I am looking forward to the experience of camping in a hot climate, drinking, being merry and wearing nice summery outfits.  A group of 7 of us are going, including my boyfriend (who I'll be sharing a tent with). However its hard to know what clothes and products to take, in particular hair products as my hair can be wild at times, whilst bearing in mind that'll I will have to travel light!  Not only is this my first time at a festival but also my first time camping! I'll admit that I'm worried I won't cope without my luxuries and with no electricity or proper shower facilities. But as my boyfriend also believes I'll find it difficult to get by too, I'm determined to prove I can :D but help will be needed! (Although admittedly we are cheating slightly as we are paying a bit extra to stay in the VIP camping area, a lot less hard core....but camping all the same.) After the initial 4 days camping we plan to travel to Barcelona for another 4 days.

Browsing through the Internet, there seems to be very little concerning the fashion trends at Benicassim from past years. But with heats of up to 33 degrees (its going to be hot!!!) it is obvious that less is definitely going to be more, with most in the past seeming to opt for hot pants and cropped tops...the must have item being a straw hat!

I have also taken on board the advice given on certain websites by other festival goers (or survival tips as they are more aptly described), and I have compiled a list of what I believe I'll require. I like to be very organised! I'll refer back to this list every time I feel the need to shop for more items. Top 5 on my list....

1. Hair products i.e - Dry shampoo, beach hair stray etc.
2. Summer wear (Tee's, dresses, vests, bikini's/swim wear)
3. Waterproof makeup (mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner etc)
4. Rechargeable straightners (I've only just discovered these existed)
5. Sandals/shoes

and I aim to find some of the best products out there that fit the requirements. an after thought :s

6. Camping equipment (this should probabaly be number 1!)

All in all, I can't wait! Stay tuned!



My name is Louise. I've always been a huge fan of browsing other peoples blogs (mainly looking at peoples take on fashion and their views on beauty products) and so I have finally felt the need to create my own.  I am forever taking pictures of the things I see and like and would love a place to display and share them, if not for myself as a record of my day-to-day life but for other people too.

Additionally, whenever I buy a new product, clothing garment or accessory that I love (or hate) I would like to tell others of it.....and believe me, I buy a lot of new things!  My goal for this blog is to also receive advise from others.  I am soon to be camping in Spain for the Benicassim festival in July for the first time (first time camping that is).  Being a girl who is unable to go a day without straighteners and products I'm looking for any help avaliable and recommendations as to what to wear and buy to help me through. Enjoy!