Thursday, 30 June 2011

Festival purchases #1....and some Primark purchases too

I felt that it was about flipping time I did an update, and felt now is a perfect opportunity for me to do a post regarding some the items I plan to take to Benicassim  as I go in less than 2 weeks time.  This is just a taster of some of the items I've bought over the last few months, but I've included a few of my favourite things !  I'm really looking forward to my holiday and camping experience...but I'm also REALLY looking forward to wearing all the new clothes, shoes and accessories! You have no idea how much will power it took to have them all in my room for so long and now wear them...its not been easy!  

Primark - £3.00
In addition to my holiday items, I've also included some Primark purchases I made just today.  On Friday I plan to go to Liverpool with my boyfriend. We planned this a while ago, to have one big shopping trip at Liverpool One in order to buy everything we need for the festival holiday.  However this hasn't really worked out for me as I've pretty much bought everything I'm going to need (minus the actual camping equipment, oops) but we are staying over in a hotel and plan to go out for the night so I'm really looking forward to it!  This is why I went to Primark today to be honest, to buy a new outfit for my shopping trip (don't judge me), I couldn't help it as I really wanted something new to wear! Anyway, the first thing I saw was this gorgeous tan satchel bag (satchels seem to be very popular at the moment). Can you believe it was only £3.00, reduced from £7.00!

Primark - £8.00
I also bought these adorable brogues for £8.00 in tan.  I've been meaning to buy some for ages, as I tend to only wear boots and definitely felt I was in need of a change. I think these would look good with some black tights and a cute summer dress.                                                      
Primark - £6.00

I bought this gorgeous shirt top from Primark, its black with bright colourful flowers dotted all over, and I was lucky to get one in my size as there was only 3 left! It came at a cost of £6.00 (a bargain) and I think it will really work with leggings, a long necklace  and with brogues!                             
Festival Buys

ARK - £21.00
I bought this gorgeous floral playsuit from ARK Clothing at a cost of £21.00.  I love the summery  pattern and colours, and the scalloped edge is really different and cute. The material is a light chiffon material which will be ideal in a hot climate, and I like the fact that its a strapless bandeau as it would be much easier to remove (for bathroom breaks, hehe).  I plan to add a tan belt, gladiator sandals and lots of bangles to this outfit!

I bought this beach bag from Primark for £7.00 (I think...I took off the tag).  Its really bright and summery and is covered in many tiny pink sequins.  It is also quite large which is important if its to hold all mine and my boyfriends beach stuff.

 I got this feathered necklace from H&M, its got a tribal vibe to it and is very festivally I feel (I think its supposed to look like a dream catcher). Normally I think the jewellery can look a bit cheap and be of poor quality in H&M, but this looks really well made and a bargain at £5.99!

I've been wanting to try Topshop makeup for ages! I have heard some great things about it (on the blogging community mainly) and I'm really attracted to the fresh and very cute packaging.  I was looking for a face glow/highlighter, mainly because my skin can sometimes look dry and bland when I've applied foundation.  I'm was also looking for something that can give my skin a 'healthy glow' in the sun when applied to the top of my cheeks and brow line.  I bought this in a light colour, and  I have tested it just once (on Sunday to be precise when the weather was nice). But I really like this skin glow lotion, it gives a lovely subtle shimmer and I was complimented a few times on how healthy and 'glowing' I looked.  It cost £10.00, but you do get a lot of product for the price.

I got this Posie Tint by Benefit (for lips and cheeks) in the July copy of Glamour magazine.  Its a tiny sample bottle but is perfect for taking on holiday for 10 days.  I've tried their dark red tint before but felt it was a little too red on my skin (clown comes to mind) so I was eager to try this lighter pink shade instead.  I've only tried a tiny bit on my hand (as the bottle is only small) but it left a gorgeous, more subtle pink stain to my skin, which I think would look lovely with a sun kissed glow.  It was really long lasting as it stayed on my hand for a good few hours, even after I washed my hand there was still a hint of colour left.  I have a feeling that I'll be purchasing the bigger bottle when I return home.

Finally, no festival is complete without a flower garland for your hair!  Your hair can look a dreadful mess but I think that by adding a flower garland to your head it can distract from the birds nest and add interest giving you a feminine and overall cute look.   I did a post on flower garlands a few weeks back, since then they have become really popular, cropping up in most hight-street stores.  I was tempting by this one from Primark (not only because of the £2.00 price tag) but because I like the way it just rests on the top of your head, unlike elasticated ones that really dig into my head and eventually end up giving me a head ache.  There were many colours to choose from including pink, blue and purple! But in the end I went for simple white daisies as I felt they would go with any outfit!

Well there you have it, a quick sample of some of my festival/holiday buys (believe me, its just a small fraction of what I've actually purchased), I'll hopefully be doing a new update soon before I head off on my travels! 

Have a lovely day 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sail away with me...

A nautical themed look I put together on Polyvore
I know its been an un-be-leeevably long time since I last blogged, but I'm still here! I've just had to so much going on with work that I've let it slip. However, during this time I have bought a huge amount of stuff to take to the Benicassim festival, including outfits, accessories and toiletries (for which I will do a blog soon showing you what I have so far.)  I can't believe its only three weeks away!  In the mean time, I thought I would do a post on one of my favourite styles, and that is nautical themed fashion. I adore nautical and think it is a perfect trend for the summer months and is apparently set to be a big trend throughout 2011.  Personally, when I'm picking new clothes I tend to be drawn to stripes, particularly in colours of navy, white and grey.  But nautical doesn't just have to consist of stripes and sailor hats, it can be about the bold colours you choose (reds, navy blues and crisp whites) or simply just gorgeous naval print dresses, skirts adorned with gold buttons or cork finish shoes.  As Summer approaches , many of the big name high street stores are jumping on the band wagon this year by releasing their own nautical themed lines or items like stores such as Boohoo, who have a line called 'New Season Nautical'.  So below I have picked some of my favourite nautical pieces, all available now and of course from the high street and Online!

Boohoo- Drop Sleeve Stripe top - £6.00

Boohoo - Nautical Dress - £15.00

Matalan - Striped Dress - £16.00

Topshop - 1950's Nautical stripe dress - £36.00

Matalan - Espadrille Platform - £20.00

Topshop - Navy spot wedges - £50.00

ASOS - Pauls Boutique Bag - £56.00