Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Benicassim! (First Post)

Although its a few months until I go to the Benicassim Festival (the 14th of July) I'm already considering what I'll need to buy for my trip. For those of you who don't know, the Benicassim Festival or Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (as it is known in Spain) is a 4 day music festival taking place in Benicassim on the east coast of Spain between Valencia and Barcelona.

Personally I'm not really all that bothered about the music and the bands (The Strokes, Brandon Flowers, Elbow etc) but I am looking forward to the experience of camping in a hot climate, drinking, being merry and wearing nice summery outfits.  A group of 7 of us are going, including my boyfriend (who I'll be sharing a tent with). However its hard to know what clothes and products to take, in particular hair products as my hair can be wild at times, whilst bearing in mind that'll I will have to travel light!  Not only is this my first time at a festival but also my first time camping! I'll admit that I'm worried I won't cope without my luxuries and with no electricity or proper shower facilities. But as my boyfriend also believes I'll find it difficult to get by too, I'm determined to prove I can :D but help will be needed! (Although admittedly we are cheating slightly as we are paying a bit extra to stay in the VIP camping area, a lot less hard core....but camping all the same.) After the initial 4 days camping we plan to travel to Barcelona for another 4 days.

Browsing through the Internet, there seems to be very little concerning the fashion trends at Benicassim from past years. But with heats of up to 33 degrees (its going to be hot!!!) it is obvious that less is definitely going to be more, with most in the past seeming to opt for hot pants and cropped tops...the must have item being a straw hat!

I have also taken on board the advice given on certain websites by other festival goers (or survival tips as they are more aptly described), and I have compiled a list of what I believe I'll require. I like to be very organised! I'll refer back to this list every time I feel the need to shop for more items. Top 5 on my list....

1. Hair products i.e - Dry shampoo, beach hair stray etc.
2. Summer wear (Tee's, dresses, vests, bikini's/swim wear)
3. Waterproof makeup (mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner etc)
4. Rechargeable straightners (I've only just discovered these existed)
5. Sandals/shoes

and I aim to find some of the best products out there that fit the requirements.

......as an after thought :s

6. Camping equipment (this should probabaly be number 1!)

All in all, I can't wait! Stay tuned!


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