Wednesday, 27 April 2011

One Sad Iphone morning!

One of my reasons for creating a blog was because I was forever taking photos of things I liked (most of them a bit silly) mainly just little things I'd like to remember.  I wanted a place to display and talk about them as they were pointlessly stored in my phone never to be looked at again.  I was hoping to upload them onto here so I could look back and smile (one photo inparticular was a photo of a HUGE hollow cupcake I took on the park as part of a picnic, a gift from my boyfriend.)  However the very day I decide to do this is the same day my previously trusted and reliable Iphone decides to pack up and die!   Its an Iphone 3 so I was due an upgrade anyway, but still.  I am going to miss it,  I'm just gutted I didn't make a backup of my photos when I had the chance.  Oh well, I'll learn from now on. 

I'm thinking that an IPhone 4 is the way to go for my next one, as I really don't think much of the BlackBerry. I have to admit that I do prefer the design of the IPhone 3 as I think its sleeker and friendlier looking...which sounds silly, hehe.  However I've already started looking at Iphone4 covers as this was one of the things I obsessed about with my old phone (sob), even if they where frequently called tacky when adorned with plastic jewels and pearls! I had this pink, bling one for the IPhone 3 (which I have also discovered for the IPhone4) however after many rude comments made by my mum and boyfriend it mysteriously disappeared...never to be seen again!  I personally couldn't see a problem with it, especially since this one on the left could be next!

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