Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Coral Colour Craze...

I am loving this season's coral colour trend!  I think its such a feminine and flattering colour that suits all skin tones and hair colours. I also think that its a colour that can be quite striking and eye-catching without being an overpowering colour (i.e hot pink, sometimes too much in my opinion!)  I'm currently looking for a pair of new 'dancing' heels, some that are a little different from the usual black I always seem to buy (because they go with anything) and I think coral is the way to go.  Below are 6 options of shoe that I want your opinion on, bearing in mind that I've limited the amount I'm to spend. 

Dorothy Perkins - £38.00
Option 1

I love the colour of these as it is really fresh and fun (although I feel the colour is almost a more burnt orange then coral) and I also really like the cross over peep toe detail.  However, these shoes have a suede texture which could cause problems in wet weather. Overall though, I really like these! Additionally, I also have a 25% off voucher for Dorothy Perkins (valid until Sunday) just by typing in DPVIPD at the checkout, or download the voucher to use in store, so the price is quite reasonable.

Pavers Shoes - £85.95

Option 2

The colour of these ones is more on the pinky side which is cute and I love the little ruffle detail on the front. Again these have a suede texture which could be difficult to keep clean. They are a little higher than the previous ones (which I like) with a concealed platform.  One major downside is the price at £85.95...I promise myself I will never spend more than £50-£60 on shoes as I tend to ruin them too quickly on nights out so in the long run its a waste of money for me really.

Topshop - £62.00

Option 3

Topshop claim that these are 'coral court shoes' but I think that they are quite obviously more of an orange colour! Regardless of this, I like them, they are different and cute.  They have quite a high heel, and a standard platform court shape. Yet again these too have a suede texture!! It seems to a popular choice of textile for shoes nowadays.  But on the plus side they are 100% leather which means they will last! What colour of dress would best go with these though?           

Dorothy Perkins - £40.00
Option 4

Wow, these are certainly...different!  I like the cut out detailing with the pink colour underneath, and I think the chunky heel is chic.   However I'm not sure I like the use of different colours used for the heel and the platform compared to the rest of the shoe, could be just a little too much! Cute though, but overall not really me.

ASOS - £150.00

Option 5

These gorgeous Kurt Geiger heels have a real summery almost Hawaiian vibe to them with  this fabulous detachable flower embellishment on the toe (I like the fact its detachable!) I particularly like the subtle coral colour and the sky scraper heel.  However the MAJOR turn-off is the price at a whopping £150!

Dorothy Perkins - £39.00
Option 6

Love these Coral t-bar platform sandals by Dorothy Perkins.  I particularly like the wooden cork sole detailing and the floral print lining as its so summery and cute. The intricate cross over detail is also a bonus as it adds interest to the shoe, rather then just being a standard court or peep toe.  Not a bad price either (especially with 25% off!)  However, a drawback is that these could only really be worn in the summer months when its hot (which isn't often) and there's only a limited amount of outfits these would go with. Definitely one of my favourites though!

Please vote for the coral shoes you like the best...

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

H & M bagains!

Hi!  Just a quick post to tell you guys to get yourselves over to H&M and use the vouchers codes I have below.

£5.00 off voucher -   1304
£10.00 off voucher - 9217
(shhh....use both together to get a whopping £15.00 off!)

The only condition is that you pay at least £6 once the discounts have been taken off (excluding postage and packaging!)

My purchases ...


  1. This cute pale pink cardi.  I already have it in navy, I particularly like the floaty/waterfall cut and thin cotton material.


2. Love the colour and pattern of this, described online as powder/patterned.  I have this in a floral design, the tulip cut is really flattering!


3.  Basic, but will go with anything...perfect for hot/festival weather and only £2.99!



I was also looking to buy this gorgeous play suit, but in the end I stuck with the 3 items, which came to a grand total of £8.97! Postage was an additional £3.90...I hate paying postage, I really think all these places should have the option to pick up in store!

Anyway, hope you make use of the vouchers :).  I'll hopefully do and update soon about the new soap and glory and Avon purchases I made...the soap and glory scrub is gorgeous by the way!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Fly away with me...

A Miu Miu inspired look I put together. Click here for a larger image.

Miuccia Prada launched Miu Miu in 1992 as the visionary sister label to fashion powerhouse Prada. Since then, it has staged some of the hottest runway shows with its sophisticated yet eclectic collections, and earned a host of A-list devotees in the process. Blending classic cuts with avant-garde detailing, expect brightly colored prints on everything from sleek mini dresses to liquid-silk shorts.

I absolutely love the Miu Miu label with their use of gorgeous prints and pastel shades, I think each collection is more cute and sophisticated than the last.  However, I particularly like their use of birds and swallow prints, I think they are so cute and striking and it is this print that can be most associated  with the line.  Although I love this label, I can't quite stretch to the price tags that come with it.  That is why I have searched the high street and online shops to find some equally gorgeous, yet purse friendly swallow print garments below.  I particularly love the gorgeous dresses from Republic, so sweet!

Republic - £19.99


Swallow print blouse, can be worn buttoned up or open with a t-shirt or vest underneath!

Kookai - Bird Print V-Neck Jumper - £24 - £28.00



Republic - £26.99

Stunning chiffon layers. Flattering sweet heart neckline!

Republic- £26.00
 Striking black swallow design against the gorgeous coral. Very 'in season' shade!


ASOS - Long Pendant - £6.00

Amazon - £14.99




DP - £4.00

Republic - £4.99

P.S - This is the second time I've made this post as my first attempt mysteriously disappeared! Gutting really as it took a while (and my first one was better :S) aww well! 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Although I'm relatively new to the blogging world, I was so happy to find that I'd been awarded a Stylish Blogger Award by the lovely Hannah Michelle! Thank you Hannah, its a great compliment coming from you as your blog is wonderful! 

There's some rules below that come with this award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who sent the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award recently discovered bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

Ok, so 7 things about myself...I'm not odd, honest!

1/ I cannot play the guitar, piano or understand sign language.

2/ I wish I had some form of talent like being able to play the guitar or piano or be able to understand sign language.

3/  I love Harry Potter and for a while I wished that I could go to school at Hogwarts, I still wish I could actually.

4/  I hear 'its always the quiet ones' quite a lot of the time.

5/ Some of my favourite smells are the smell of the perfume counter at duty free in an airport, the smell of a new plastic pencil case (seriously) and the smell of warm paper when its just come out of the printer.  

6/  I'm allergic to Kiwi (the fruit, not the animal...I don't think).

7/  I prefer kids films to grown up films.

Below are a list of gorgeous blogs I've recently discovered and found to be really enjoyable and inspiring. Go check them out!

Erica  - Gorgeous makeup/nails tips, ideas and reviews. A really wonderful and enjoyable blog!
Louise  - New to the blogging world (like me :D), lovely fashion style and ideas.
Hayley - Another fellow British blogger! Such an enjoyable read, gorgeous images and lovely style!
Rosie - Gorgeously cute blog, with great advise and ideas!
ChloĆ© & Margaux - Two sisters with wonderfully chic and unique styles!
Justine - Wonderful fashion sense, gorgeous images and style!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Festival look inspiration of the day # 5 - Happy, Hippie Hair

 Lauren Conrad - Teen Choice Awards  - 2008
Pixie Lott - V Festival -  2009

Once Wed - February 2010 

The Sun - May 2011
Vogue Germany - May 2009

German Vogue - May 2010

Its BIG, wild and wavy! Hippie hair is making a comeback, and is perfect for summer and festivals when teamed with flowers or feathers.  Traditionally, 'hippie hair' is parted in the middle of the head, however as most of us style our hair with a side parting (much more flattering for most) I feel that this is perfectly acceptable too!  This particular style of hair is good for when you are unable to achieve poker straight hair, maybe because of weather, no access to hair straighteners or hairdryer or simply if you are having a lazy day!  A simple way to achieve the volume of this style would be to firstly apply some moose to damp hair, then blow dry the hair but do it upside down as this gives you extra volume.  A similar wavy style would be to plait the hair (preferably when damp) leave overnight and then when the plaits are removed, deep waves should be left in the hair, this method is very old school!  If all else fails, this look can simply be achieved with curlers/straighteners to achieve soft, flowing curls and waves. Adding a plait to the crown adds a cute touch and plenty of hairspray is also recommended! 

Me personally, I'm going to wait for the sun/humidity at Benicassim to do the job for me :D although some taming will be required!

Polyvore - Natural Beauties

I've been creating 'sets' on Polyvore for a few months now and I really enjoy it.  For those who don't know, Polyvore is a website that allows you to put together your own outfits, allowing you to 'Mix & match products from anywhere on the web in order to create your personal style.'  I've created a summer/festival inspired look below, using Emma Watson's Tree People range as inspiration.  I love the images she uses for her campaigns, they are so tranquil and warm, they make me think of lovely, relaxing summer evenings.  If you're not a member of Polyvore you should go and have a look around, there are some amazing looks on there!  I do like Emma Watson's preppy style, I think its very put together and classy.  However, I don't really agree with the fact that she's been given the title of 'best dressed woman in the world'.  Although I do like her style, I don't think its particularly original or striking.  There are plenty of other women who experiment with their style, and who make it their own, creating looks that are memorable. One particular style icon who I believe deserves a top spot is Olivia Palermo who has a wide range of gorgeous looks and rarely gets it wrong.  Her look is sophisticated, however most of her outfits are easily attainable, and not crazy like for example Lady Ga Ga! Above is one of my favourite Oliva Palermo looks. Gorgeous yet quite effortless.

 The below look I put together is very casual yet quite on trend with the denim waistcoat and floral shorts, perfect for summer!
Natural Beauties
Colored scents that fill the air as drowsy insects hum around in the meadow is the place of secret magic where nature alone renews itself.
-- Kate Bergquist

Natural Beauties by Louchar featuring a collar necklace
White top
85 EUR -

Denim vest
12 GBP -

Floral skirt
$35 -

Forever21 flat sandal
$24 -

Forever21 collar necklace
$6.80 -

Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Winter/Spring/Summer transition...

Here in England, seasons don't really mean too much to us.  It seems that we can  sometimes have nice weather in Winter/Spring whereas  throughout the Summer months it can be cold and rainy weather, it can be highly annoying.  In recent weeks we have had some very very hot days, however the weather this week has been cold, dreary and rainy again! That's why, clothing wise, its not always  an easy task to make the transition from season to week we get out the sandals and put away the coats and scarfs but then we find out selves getting them out the next week.  Personally I don't mind colder weather as I like layering up and I find it quite hard to  put away my boots (boots are all I wear throughout Autumn/Winter) and my beloved scarfs and knitwear! Therefore, I've been scouting around, looking for items of this nature that can be considered to be suitable for both cold and warm weather conditions. Here are my favorites below, I just so happen to have the scarf and boots already :).

Miss Selfridge - White Lace Scarf
This  Miss Selfridge White Lace scarf is really cute. Its really light weight so perfect for when its still a bit cool out and would look good worn with or without a jacket, a cardigan would do. I really couldn't live without scarfs!
'Raindrops Keep Falling...' Silver umbrella necklace - £12.00

I felt this necklace was very appropriate as it seems to be raining a lot recently here, and its so cute!

Miss Selfridge - Salmon Crochet Fifties Crop Cardigan -  £40.00

I love salmon and coral colours, I think they are really feminine and flattering! This Cardigan is perfect because of the light weight crochet knit, and I particularly like that its crop, makes a fresh change from long boyfriend cardigans.   

Topshop - Black gypsy Print floral leggings - £20.00

Patterned leggings make a nice change from the usual black leggings or skinny jeans.  These Gypsy print leggings are fresh and eye catching in coral floral print, perfect for spring/summer. They would look perfect with a long boyfriend t-shirt and ankle boots. These leggings are a bit pricey, you could pick some for around £4.00 from Tesco/Asda clothing.              

H&M - Jacket £14.99

A mac/coat is still very much needed with the unpredictability of the weather here.  However a light weight cotton one would be sufficient, one with crop or rolled up sleeves and light colours such as beige and cream would be most appropriate.

F&F Ruched ankle boots - £15.00

When it comes to Spring/Summer month, I find it really hard to put away my boots.  I tend not to wear ballet shoes or pumps and rarely wear sandals.  These boots only come to the ankle so they wouldn't be too hot. The zip detail with the heart is really cute! I have these myself and they great with leggings or skinny jeans.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

New product desires of the day

For the last couple of months I've been trying my hardest to save my wages, mainly because I'm still paying off my student over draft but also to save for holidays (Florida next year :D) and the future.  However I still have the odd day were I can't help but browse the Internet and shops for nice things that I'd like (like, but not really need). I have a habit of going in a shop for a 'look' seeing something I like and just think I'll treat myself without really a second thought.  Now, I tend to see something I like in a shop, pick it up and carry it around for about 10 minutes and then somehow have the strength to put it back and leave! However I still have a few desires to make some purchases, and here are a few of my recent ones!

1.  Liz Earle Sheer Gold Shimmer - £8.49

I've read many a rave review about Liz Earle products, but never indulged, mainly because of the price but also because these products aren't really that easy to come by. However this Sheer Gold Shimmer was recommended in Company magazine and I really fancy giving it a try.  I'd really like something that would give a subtle shimmer to my skin, especially when its tanned on nights out or hopefully give a gorgeous glow when out in the sun. I found that on the Liz Earle website you can get this for £8.49 for 50ml, however I found a bottle on eBay for £4.00 inc P&P.....

Update! -  Since first beginning to writing this post, I have bought the bottle from eBay. I think I persuaded myself by writing about it! I couldn't resist. 

 2.  Soap & Glory Sexy Mother™ Pucker XL Extreme Plump - £10.47

"Sexy Mother™ Pucker XL Extreme Plump is a super-sizing, extra-strength collagen clear lip shine with LIPSWELL™ natural plant oil infusion, SUPERFILL™ nanovectors and VISIVOLUME™ immediate effect lip filler."
I've tried a few lip plumper's in the past (Urban decay was a recent buy).  However I've never felt they make much of an impact. My sister has had a Soap and Glory plumper in the past, when I tried it I was quite impressed as it did appear to make my lips fuller and redder (and tingled quite a bit, which I actually quite liked.) This is priced at £10.47, however they have a 1/3 off on selected Soap and Glory at Boots, and so they are selling this for £6.98! Not bad!
3.  Lee Stafford Poker Straight Dehumidifier Spray 50ml  - £2.09
"It helps you to win the battle against frizz, protects and cares for your hair, but most importantly leaves your hair Poker Straight"
Another festival camping essential I'm considering is this Lee Stafford Poker Straight Dehumidifier Spray. I've read some great reviews with claims that it does 'exactly what it says on the tin'! I feel this is required to help my hair from going (too) frizzy in particularly hot and humid weather, and think its quite a reasonable price too!

4. Soap & Glory Flake Away® Body Scrub 300ml- £6.64

"Want to put the bumps on your body to bed? Use Soap & Glory Flake Away® a spa-strength dry skin body polish."

For as long as I can remember I've always had little bumps on my legs and backs of my arms (which is sometimes mistaken for goosebumps.)  I've tried many scrubs and I use a rough sponge in the shower but nothing seems to really shift them.  I've heard great things about this product, that it leaves skin silky smooth. Some claim its quite heavy duty and coarse, which I actually like the sound of.  I also think it would be good to use before applying fake tan to help it appear more even, additionally, even, smooth skin also tans better in the sun!

I'm usually put off soap and glory products by the price, but I've seen this in boots for £6.64, which I think is quite good!

5. Soap & Glory Enormous Beauty Bundle - £35 from Boots (and 500 advantage points)

No explanation needed!

Quick update - I have been bad and purchased all of the above items from boots (excluding the bundle, obviously far too much an expensive luxury.)  I am due to collect them from store on Tuesday so I'll do an update of my purchases then! Yey, happy :D!  x