Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sunglasses Woes

I was just reading through the new ASOS magazine I received through the post today and apparently round sunglasses are all the rage this year, popular with Mary-Kate Olsen and of course Lady Ga Ga!

Finding the right sunglasses has personally always been a major chore for me.  As I have quite a small round face they always seem to look huge on me, like a little girl trying on mummy's clothing.  However, I am thinking that I will definitely be needing some in the upcoming months,  possibly just get to try and get away with not wearing makeup for a day!  While I prefer these smaller, rounder glasses to the HUGE sunglasses (or bug eye glasses as I like to call them) of past years, they are also reminiscent of the specs John Lennon wore ... which I'm not sure is flattering!  I'll not know until I try, although I always feel quite embarrassed going into shops to try on glasses from those stands, mainly because most look ridiculous on me and if someone looks my way I always pretend I'm trying them on for a laugh and not because I'm genuinely trying to buy some! I picked some that I particularly like the look of  (or just because they are unusual).

Asos - £18
Asos - £265 (wow)

Topshop -  £16  (large)

Topshop - £22 (Cute) (Semi-rounded) - $160.00

However, were as the huge sunglasses gave you the bug eyes looked, it has been commented that these can also make you look a bit like a bee! 

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