Monday, 9 May 2011

Festival look inspiration of the day # 5 - Happy, Hippie Hair

 Lauren Conrad - Teen Choice Awards  - 2008
Pixie Lott - V Festival -  2009

Once Wed - February 2010 

The Sun - May 2011
Vogue Germany - May 2009

German Vogue - May 2010

Its BIG, wild and wavy! Hippie hair is making a comeback, and is perfect for summer and festivals when teamed with flowers or feathers.  Traditionally, 'hippie hair' is parted in the middle of the head, however as most of us style our hair with a side parting (much more flattering for most) I feel that this is perfectly acceptable too!  This particular style of hair is good for when you are unable to achieve poker straight hair, maybe because of weather, no access to hair straighteners or hairdryer or simply if you are having a lazy day!  A simple way to achieve the volume of this style would be to firstly apply some moose to damp hair, then blow dry the hair but do it upside down as this gives you extra volume.  A similar wavy style would be to plait the hair (preferably when damp) leave overnight and then when the plaits are removed, deep waves should be left in the hair, this method is very old school!  If all else fails, this look can simply be achieved with curlers/straighteners to achieve soft, flowing curls and waves. Adding a plait to the crown adds a cute touch and plenty of hairspray is also recommended! 

Me personally, I'm going to wait for the sun/humidity at Benicassim to do the job for me :D although some taming will be required!

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