Monday, 16 May 2011

Fly away with me...

A Miu Miu inspired look I put together. Click here for a larger image.

Miuccia Prada launched Miu Miu in 1992 as the visionary sister label to fashion powerhouse Prada. Since then, it has staged some of the hottest runway shows with its sophisticated yet eclectic collections, and earned a host of A-list devotees in the process. Blending classic cuts with avant-garde detailing, expect brightly colored prints on everything from sleek mini dresses to liquid-silk shorts.

I absolutely love the Miu Miu label with their use of gorgeous prints and pastel shades, I think each collection is more cute and sophisticated than the last.  However, I particularly like their use of birds and swallow prints, I think they are so cute and striking and it is this print that can be most associated  with the line.  Although I love this label, I can't quite stretch to the price tags that come with it.  That is why I have searched the high street and online shops to find some equally gorgeous, yet purse friendly swallow print garments below.  I particularly love the gorgeous dresses from Republic, so sweet!

Republic - £19.99


Swallow print blouse, can be worn buttoned up or open with a t-shirt or vest underneath!

Kookai - Bird Print V-Neck Jumper - £24 - £28.00



Republic - £26.99

Stunning chiffon layers. Flattering sweet heart neckline!

Republic- £26.00
 Striking black swallow design against the gorgeous coral. Very 'in season' shade!


ASOS - Long Pendant - £6.00

Amazon - £14.99




DP - £4.00

Republic - £4.99

P.S - This is the second time I've made this post as my first attempt mysteriously disappeared! Gutting really as it took a while (and my first one was better :S) aww well! 


  1. Ah, Iove this post! So inspiring, made me want to get something with the classical swallow print, too. Love the bird cage necklace!

    May I congratulate you for your lovely blog! The design and the content is really inspiring! Definitely gonna follow! Follow me back?



  2. very nice collection of swallows! i don't think i have anything with swallow print yet. now i need what's missing in my closet!

    that your first post disappeared might have been because of the problem blogger had the other day. we also had a post disappear including all comments.