Tuesday, 17 May 2011

H & M bagains!

Hi!  Just a quick post to tell you guys to get yourselves over to H&M and use the vouchers codes I have below.

£5.00 off voucher -   1304
£10.00 off voucher - 9217
(shhh....use both together to get a whopping £15.00 off!)

The only condition is that you pay at least £6 once the discounts have been taken off (excluding postage and packaging!)

My purchases ...


  1. This cute pale pink cardi.  I already have it in navy, I particularly like the floaty/waterfall cut and thin cotton material.


2. Love the colour and pattern of this, described online as powder/patterned.  I have this in a floral design, the tulip cut is really flattering!


3.  Basic, but will go with anything...perfect for hot/festival weather and only £2.99!



I was also looking to buy this gorgeous play suit, but in the end I stuck with the 3 items, which came to a grand total of £8.97! Postage was an additional £3.90...I hate paying postage, I really think all these places should have the option to pick up in store!

Anyway, hope you make use of the vouchers :).  I'll hopefully do and update soon about the new soap and glory and Avon purchases I made...the soap and glory scrub is gorgeous by the way!


  1. Ooooh H&M voucher codes! Love that shop so much. Thanks Louise, will definitely be making use of them! Love the skirt you bought, the pattern is gorgeous. Will post about what I buy when I've had a look x x

  2. Oh I wish H&M would go online in the U.S.! I really love the skirt.

  3. Thankyou very much for posting the codes :) I love the skirt you bought, such a pretty pattern! xx

  4. No problem guys :D hope you use them...and I'm really happy you all like the skirt :)! I'll post a pic once they arrive, which hopefully shouldn't be too long!