Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Coral Colour Craze...

I am loving this season's coral colour trend!  I think its such a feminine and flattering colour that suits all skin tones and hair colours. I also think that its a colour that can be quite striking and eye-catching without being an overpowering colour (i.e hot pink, sometimes too much in my opinion!)  I'm currently looking for a pair of new 'dancing' heels, some that are a little different from the usual black I always seem to buy (because they go with anything) and I think coral is the way to go.  Below are 6 options of shoe that I want your opinion on, bearing in mind that I've limited the amount I'm to spend. 

Dorothy Perkins - £38.00
Option 1

I love the colour of these as it is really fresh and fun (although I feel the colour is almost a more burnt orange then coral) and I also really like the cross over peep toe detail.  However, these shoes have a suede texture which could cause problems in wet weather. Overall though, I really like these! Additionally, I also have a 25% off voucher for Dorothy Perkins (valid until Sunday) just by typing in DPVIPD at the checkout, or download the voucher to use in store, so the price is quite reasonable.

Pavers Shoes - £85.95

Option 2

The colour of these ones is more on the pinky side which is cute and I love the little ruffle detail on the front. Again these have a suede texture which could be difficult to keep clean. They are a little higher than the previous ones (which I like) with a concealed platform.  One major downside is the price at £85.95...I promise myself I will never spend more than £50-£60 on shoes as I tend to ruin them too quickly on nights out so in the long run its a waste of money for me really.

Topshop - £62.00

Option 3

Topshop claim that these are 'coral court shoes' but I think that they are quite obviously more of an orange colour! Regardless of this, I like them, they are different and cute.  They have quite a high heel, and a standard platform court shape. Yet again these too have a suede texture!! It seems to a popular choice of textile for shoes nowadays.  But on the plus side they are 100% leather which means they will last! What colour of dress would best go with these though?           

Dorothy Perkins - £40.00
Option 4

Wow, these are certainly...different!  I like the cut out detailing with the pink colour underneath, and I think the chunky heel is chic.   However I'm not sure I like the use of different colours used for the heel and the platform compared to the rest of the shoe, could be just a little too much! Cute though, but overall not really me.

ASOS - £150.00

Option 5

These gorgeous Kurt Geiger heels have a real summery almost Hawaiian vibe to them with  this fabulous detachable flower embellishment on the toe (I like the fact its detachable!) I particularly like the subtle coral colour and the sky scraper heel.  However the MAJOR turn-off is the price at a whopping £150!

Dorothy Perkins - £39.00
Option 6

Love these Coral t-bar platform sandals by Dorothy Perkins.  I particularly like the wooden cork sole detailing and the floral print lining as its so summery and cute. The intricate cross over detail is also a bonus as it adds interest to the shoe, rather then just being a standard court or peep toe.  Not a bad price either (especially with 25% off!)  However, a drawback is that these could only really be worn in the summer months when its hot (which isn't often) and there's only a limited amount of outfits these would go with. Definitely one of my favourites though!

Please vote for the coral shoes you like the best...


  1. I love the Topshop ones. I always gravitate towards the simple platforms.

  2. Your blog is lovely and these are absolutely gorgeous! :)