Thursday, 5 May 2011

New product desires of the day

For the last couple of months I've been trying my hardest to save my wages, mainly because I'm still paying off my student over draft but also to save for holidays (Florida next year :D) and the future.  However I still have the odd day were I can't help but browse the Internet and shops for nice things that I'd like (like, but not really need). I have a habit of going in a shop for a 'look' seeing something I like and just think I'll treat myself without really a second thought.  Now, I tend to see something I like in a shop, pick it up and carry it around for about 10 minutes and then somehow have the strength to put it back and leave! However I still have a few desires to make some purchases, and here are a few of my recent ones!

1.  Liz Earle Sheer Gold Shimmer - £8.49

I've read many a rave review about Liz Earle products, but never indulged, mainly because of the price but also because these products aren't really that easy to come by. However this Sheer Gold Shimmer was recommended in Company magazine and I really fancy giving it a try.  I'd really like something that would give a subtle shimmer to my skin, especially when its tanned on nights out or hopefully give a gorgeous glow when out in the sun. I found that on the Liz Earle website you can get this for £8.49 for 50ml, however I found a bottle on eBay for £4.00 inc P&P.....

Update! -  Since first beginning to writing this post, I have bought the bottle from eBay. I think I persuaded myself by writing about it! I couldn't resist. 

 2.  Soap & Glory Sexy Mother™ Pucker XL Extreme Plump - £10.47

"Sexy Mother™ Pucker XL Extreme Plump is a super-sizing, extra-strength collagen clear lip shine with LIPSWELL™ natural plant oil infusion, SUPERFILL™ nanovectors and VISIVOLUME™ immediate effect lip filler."
I've tried a few lip plumper's in the past (Urban decay was a recent buy).  However I've never felt they make much of an impact. My sister has had a Soap and Glory plumper in the past, when I tried it I was quite impressed as it did appear to make my lips fuller and redder (and tingled quite a bit, which I actually quite liked.) This is priced at £10.47, however they have a 1/3 off on selected Soap and Glory at Boots, and so they are selling this for £6.98! Not bad!
3.  Lee Stafford Poker Straight Dehumidifier Spray 50ml  - £2.09
"It helps you to win the battle against frizz, protects and cares for your hair, but most importantly leaves your hair Poker Straight"
Another festival camping essential I'm considering is this Lee Stafford Poker Straight Dehumidifier Spray. I've read some great reviews with claims that it does 'exactly what it says on the tin'! I feel this is required to help my hair from going (too) frizzy in particularly hot and humid weather, and think its quite a reasonable price too!

4. Soap & Glory Flake Away® Body Scrub 300ml- £6.64

"Want to put the bumps on your body to bed? Use Soap & Glory Flake Away® a spa-strength dry skin body polish."

For as long as I can remember I've always had little bumps on my legs and backs of my arms (which is sometimes mistaken for goosebumps.)  I've tried many scrubs and I use a rough sponge in the shower but nothing seems to really shift them.  I've heard great things about this product, that it leaves skin silky smooth. Some claim its quite heavy duty and coarse, which I actually like the sound of.  I also think it would be good to use before applying fake tan to help it appear more even, additionally, even, smooth skin also tans better in the sun!

I'm usually put off soap and glory products by the price, but I've seen this in boots for £6.64, which I think is quite good!

5. Soap & Glory Enormous Beauty Bundle - £35 from Boots (and 500 advantage points)

No explanation needed!

Quick update - I have been bad and purchased all of the above items from boots (excluding the bundle, obviously far too much an expensive luxury.)  I am due to collect them from store on Tuesday so I'll do an update of my purchases then! Yey, happy :D!  x


  1. lovely picks, I have a few soap & glory items and I find them fun and totally works!