Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Festival look inspiration of the day # 4 - Floral Garland/Headband

I love the idea of wearing pretty flowers in my hair, as I think it gives such a cute and classic princess look (although fake flowers are ideally the way to go as to not attract bee's!)  When I saw this picture of Una Healy from the Saturdays wearing this cute pale pink flower garland in her (gorgeous) hair, I fell in love with the look instantly. However, there's only really one situation in which you can get away with this look, and that is when you are at a festival.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I'm preparing myself for some VERY bad hair days in the future, however by dressing it up with cute accessories I'm hoping that it won't look too bad. I particularly think that these bands look best with natural, soft flowing hair to give that 'hippy vibe'.

Below I have found a variety of different floral bands from the high street and ebay.  Incidentally, if none of these take your fancy, I can't see why you can't make your own with a length of thin robe and some fabric flowers which are available from craft shops, eBay or even the market.  I think I might have a go at creating my own, and maybe add a few beads and something glittery to complete the look.

Miss Selfrdge - Festival Flower Headband - £8.50

Ebay - Flower Head Band/Bracelet - £11.99 (for 2)

ASOS - Multi Corsage Stretch Head Band-
Accesorize - Hawaiian Flower Bando -  £6.00

Topshop - Flower trail garland - £12.50


Urban Outfitters - Pearl & Ivy headband - £25


  1. I love this look as well, I think it is gorgeous! Also, how amazing is her eye make up!! :) x

  2. I love these :) so pretty! I've been looking for the perfect one and had no luck so far. Think I'm going to make my own with some flowers I bought a while ago...thanks for the tip! I've only just found your blog (I'm new to Blogger) but really like it already! Following!
    Louise x