Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Winter/Spring/Summer transition...

Here in England, seasons don't really mean too much to us.  It seems that we can  sometimes have nice weather in Winter/Spring whereas  throughout the Summer months it can be cold and rainy weather, it can be highly annoying.  In recent weeks we have had some very very hot days, however the weather this week has been cold, dreary and rainy again! That's why, clothing wise, its not always  an easy task to make the transition from season to week we get out the sandals and put away the coats and scarfs but then we find out selves getting them out the next week.  Personally I don't mind colder weather as I like layering up and I find it quite hard to  put away my boots (boots are all I wear throughout Autumn/Winter) and my beloved scarfs and knitwear! Therefore, I've been scouting around, looking for items of this nature that can be considered to be suitable for both cold and warm weather conditions. Here are my favorites below, I just so happen to have the scarf and boots already :).

Miss Selfridge - White Lace Scarf
This  Miss Selfridge White Lace scarf is really cute. Its really light weight so perfect for when its still a bit cool out and would look good worn with or without a jacket, a cardigan would do. I really couldn't live without scarfs!
'Raindrops Keep Falling...' Silver umbrella necklace - £12.00

I felt this necklace was very appropriate as it seems to be raining a lot recently here, and its so cute!

Miss Selfridge - Salmon Crochet Fifties Crop Cardigan -  £40.00

I love salmon and coral colours, I think they are really feminine and flattering! This Cardigan is perfect because of the light weight crochet knit, and I particularly like that its crop, makes a fresh change from long boyfriend cardigans.   

Topshop - Black gypsy Print floral leggings - £20.00

Patterned leggings make a nice change from the usual black leggings or skinny jeans.  These Gypsy print leggings are fresh and eye catching in coral floral print, perfect for spring/summer. They would look perfect with a long boyfriend t-shirt and ankle boots. These leggings are a bit pricey, you could pick some for around £4.00 from Tesco/Asda clothing.              

H&M - Jacket £14.99

A mac/coat is still very much needed with the unpredictability of the weather here.  However a light weight cotton one would be sufficient, one with crop or rolled up sleeves and light colours such as beige and cream would be most appropriate.

F&F Ruched ankle boots - £15.00

When it comes to Spring/Summer month, I find it really hard to put away my boots.  I tend not to wear ballet shoes or pumps and rarely wear sandals.  These boots only come to the ankle so they wouldn't be too hot. The zip detail with the heart is really cute! I have these myself and they great with leggings or skinny jeans.

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  1. Great post! I agree, the weather really has been all over the place these past few days. I absolutely love that umbrella necklace, its so cute xx